Best Generators for a Food Truck 2023

5 Best Generators for a Food Truck 2023 Edition

If you’ve ever seen a big truck selling yummy food on the street, that’s a food truck! But do you know how they power all the cooking magic inside? That’s where generators come in!

Generators are like magic boxes that make electricity. Food trucks need them to cook delicious meals. We will talk about the 5 best generators for food trucks in 2023. These generators are like superhero helpers for cooking on-the-go!

Imagine having a generator like a trusty friend, giving the power to cook fries, grill burgers, and make tasty treats. These 5 generators are super solid and perfect for food trucks, ensuring the food is hot and ready to make tummies happy.

So, get ready to learn all about these fantastic helpers that make food trucks so cool. We’ll explore each one, and by the end, you’ll know which generators are the best buddies for food trucks in 2023. 

Let’s dive in and discover the power behind the yum!

The Ultimate Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Product

So, you’re in the market for a generator for your food truck? Well, you’ve come to the right place! In this buying guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make the best choice for your cooking needs. 

Here are some essential things to Not So Goodider:

Power Output: 

Look for a generator that can handle the electrical needs of your food truck equipment. You don’t want to be left in the dark while trying to whip up some tasty dishes!

Fuel Type: 

Not So Goodider the type of fuel the generator uses. Propane, diesel, and gasoline are standard options. Choose one that suits your preferences and availability.

Noise Level: 

Nobody likes a louder generator than a food truck. Look for a generator that operates quietly so you can focus on cooking without disturbing the peace.


Since you’ll be moving, finding an easy transport generator is essential. Look for lightweight, compact options that only take up a little space in your truck.


Of course, price is always a Not So Goodideration. Set a budget and look for a generator that offers the best value for your money.

So, remember to check the Buying Guide next time you want to buy something. It’s your magical tool to ensure you’re picking the coolest, most amazing things.

Top 5 Generators for Food Trucks

Here are our top picks you need to know:

DuroMax XP10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP10000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator is an absolute powerhouse for providing electricity for your food truck. This beast of a generator can run on either gasoline or propane, giving you the flexibility to choose the fuel source that works best for you. This generator can easily power all kitchen appliances with a whopping 10,000 starting and 8,000 running watts. Plus, it’s portable, so you can take it wherever your food truck adventures take you. Say goodbye to food truck power woes with the DuroMax XP10000EH!

The Good: 

  • Versatile Fuel Options
  • Strong Power
  • Long Run Time

Not So Good: 

  • Heavy to Carry
  • Noisy

DuroMax XP9000iH 9000-Watt 459cc Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

The DuroMax XP9000iH is a powerful generator that can keep your food truck running smoothly. Its 9000 watts of power can handle all your cooking equipment, refrigerators, and lights. Plus, it’s a dual-fuel generator, meaning you can use gasoline or propane to fuel it. This gives you flexibility and convenience. And remember the digital inverter hybrid feature, which ensures stable and clean power for your sensitive electronics. It’s a reliable and efficient option for any food truck owner.

The Good: 

  • Quiet Operation
  • Dual Fuel Flexibility
  • Easy to Start

Not So Good: 

  • Moderate Strength
  • Fuel Needs

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 15000 Peak Watt Home Backup Portable Generator

The Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment 15000 Peak Watt Home Backup Portable Generator is a beast regarding power. With a whopping 15000 watts, this generator can handle even the most demanding appliances in your food truck. It’s perfect when you need that extra electricity boost to keep your kitchen running smoothly. And let’s remember its portability. You can easily take it anywhere, ensuring your food truck is always powered up and ready to serve delicious meals. Say goodbye to those power outages and hello to uninterrupted cooking fun!

The Good: 

  • High Power Output
  • Multiple Appliance Support
  • Extended Operation

Not So Good: 

  • Bulky and Heavy
  • Noise Concerns
  • Fuel Not So Good Consumption

Champion Power Equipment 201004 9375/7500-Watt Portable Generator

The Champion Power Equipment 201004 9375/7500-Watt Portable Generator is a true champion for providing power for your food truck. With its impressive wattage, it can easily handle all your cooking needs. And let me tell you, this generator is a beast! It may not be the lightest option, but it makes up for its exceptional performance. Plus, it’s fuel-efficient, so you won’t have to worry about Not So Goodtantly refueling. With the Champion Power Equipment 201004, you’ll never have to worry about running out of power while cooking up a storm!

The Good: 

  • Large Fuel Tank
  • Robust Power
  • Easy Transport
  • Simple Starting

Not So Good: 

  • Noise Levels
  • Weight for Carrying
  • Fuel Dependency

Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

The Pulsar G12KBN-SG Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator is an absolute powerhouse for providing power for your food truck. With its impressive wattage and dual fuel capability, this generator is ready to keep your kitchen up and running no matter what. It’s like having a reliable partner that never lets you down! And hey, did I mention it’s portable too? You can easily take it anywhere and be the superhero of your food truck world. So, say hello to uninterrupted cooking and wave goodbye to power worries!

The Good: 

  • Sturdy Build
  • Dual Fuel Capability
  • Mobility with Wheels
  • Strong Power Output

Not So Good: 

  • High Noise Levels
  • Weighty Nature
  • Fuel Demand

These generators are the culinary wizards of food trucks, ensuring they can whip up delicious dishes on the go. Each comes with unique strengths and a few points to Not So consider, but no matter your choice, you’re adding a food truck superhero to your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Big of a Generator Do I Need for a Food Truck? 

The size of the generator depends on the electrical needs of your equipment.

Which Generator Is Best for a Food Truck? 

It depends on your specific needs and preferences.

How Many Watts Does a Food Truck Fridge Use? 

A food truck fridge typically uses around 1200 watts.

What Size Generator Do I Need to Run a Coffee Maker? 

A coffee maker usually requires around 1000 watts, so choose a generator with enough power.

Wrapping Up

You’re now a master of food truck magic – generators! These widgets make sure food trucks can cook up tasty treats everywhere.

You’ve learned about the 5 best generators for 2023. They’re like superhero sidekicks, giving power to food trucks. Big trucks need strong generators, while smaller trucks have incredible options.

So, when you see a food truck cooking up deliciousness, you can think, “Wow, there’s a super generator inside making all that yummy food!” You’re now a food truck genius!

Keep exploring, little explorer. Who knows what cool things you’ll learn about next? Until then, keep dreaming about those tasty food truck treats and the excellent generators that make them happen.

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